Shaft Wood

Shaft Wood

We offer a wide variety of tone woods. The wood choices listed below are all excellent options for your neck, and in most cases the industry standards in their categories. 

Rock Maple
The mainstay of the music industry. Great with just about every body type, and sonically very balanced with good tone.

Quarter Sawn Maple
Because of its 90 degree grain orientation, quarter sawn maple is known to be very straight, strong and rigid. The resulting effect on your overall tone is usually to enhance brightness and sustain. Quarter Sawn maple tends to require less adjustments and is usually less susceptible to seasonal shifting and changes. 

Birdseye Maple Select/Premium/Private Reserve
Figured Rock Maple characterized by small dark grain swirls or circles – “Birdseyes” – throughout the wood. Our select grade of Birdseye is roughly equivalent to 2A-3A figuring, and our Premium is equivalent to 4A quality. Our Private Reserve is comprised of 5A+ and rare, unique examples of this wood type.

A tone wood that looks and sounds great. Part of the rosewood family that has a rich medium to darker tan/brown color and is an affordable alternative to necks made from all rosewood.

Indian Rosewood
The top contender and age old “go-to” wood for warm, rich tone with nice sustain and great looks. This wood is more expensive and rare, but worth it if you are looking specifically for a darker wood neck that will deliver in most – if not all – of the important categories.

Limited Quantity Quarter Sawn Flame Maple
Great news! We just received a shipment of curly flamed quartersawn maple for necks! Quartersawn is somewhat rare and so is flame maple, but the two combined is almost impossible to find these days, and that’s exactly what we have here! This is super nice, dry and straight as an arrow. Quartersawn is known for extra rigidity, stability and brighter clear tones, but is not always so interesting to look at, so when you add flame figuring to the equation you truly get the best of both worlds. This wood is available right now on our order forms – under the “shaft” or “neck wood” pull down selection menus. It is available in 3A figuring “Select Grade” and 4-5A figuring “Premium Grade”. We don’t expect it to last too long so make sure you get your orders in as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!