Fret Wire

Fret Wire

Over the years we have perfected the way we install and set up the frets on our replacement necks and feel we have it down to a science! Our frets are smooth, level, beveled on the ends when it leaves our shop.

While most Musikraft necks are playable upon receipt, changes in temperature, humidity, and string tension can impact the wood’s stability. These factors may lead to slight shifts in the fret height, potentially affecting playability.

To ensure the most accurate fret leveling, it’s advisable to allow the neck to adjust to its assembled state after being strung up to pitch for several days. This period gives the wood ample time to settle, reducing the chances of future adjustments.

We have taken string tension and pull into consideration and the neck you receive should yield a few thousands of relief without a truss rod adjustment right out of the box! Of course, your setup needs may vary and you may want the frets tweaked by a professional Luthier, although this is usually not necessary. For a factory replacement neck, we feel that our fretwork is the best in business.

German made Nickel Silver Wire
18% Nickel Silver (German Silver) Features rich silver color, which remains bright and tarnish-free and dimensional accuracy.

EVO Gold Fret Wire
This fret wire is good for the gold look and some people prefer a slightly harder fret than standard nickel alloy but softer than stainless steel which is what you get with the EVO stock.

Stainless Steel Fret Wire
Available in all of our most common sizes. The stainless steel is much harder that the standard fret wire and will not wear down nearly as fast. It tends to brighten the sound of the neck so it would be wise to take this into account when selecting the specs for your custom neck.