Dealers & OEM

Dealers & OEM

We now offer a courtesy overall 10% discount to companies who purchase our standard non OEM necks including Fender head shapes as well as the other standard shapes we offer. This arrangement was implemented as of January 2015 and supersedes all other previous dealer arrangements.

In the past, in order to qualify, companies would be required to place an initial order of a set minimum amount, and to commit to minimum monthly purchases in order to maintain their discount. This is no longer the case, as new dealers now only need to apply for official dealer status by providing the following:

Company Name, Tax ID Number, Company Website

OEM Dealers who are registered in our system with head stock shapes other than Fender or our standard head shapes will be offered a 20% discount.

For new OEM clients, it is still necessary to contact us to discuss set-up on our system with their own head shapes.