Back Profile Guitar – 6 String

Back Profile Guitar - 6 String

Like choices? We got ’em! We have taken great pains to develop what we feel is the most accurate, comprehensive and complete menu of back profiles in the industry. Back profiles are one of the most personal and important features of any custom neck and we are confident that we have the perfect profile to fit your taste and style. We rough cut these profiles on our CNC and then each one is hand sanded, fine tuned and honed to perfection to ensure that hand made mojo that is so crucial in providing the ultimate guitar neck.

Thin C 78-97 and 79-89
Most popular and most comfortable. Modeled after those groovy 60’s thin back profiles and also widely used on many of the current issue Strats.

Medium C 81-94 and 83-92
The industry standards. Our most commonly requested back profile and the standard used to compare all other profiles to against the average, the norm.

C-90-90 and 90-99
Another popular size and girth. Used on many of the old original Fenders – especially Teles, and used for many of today’s vintage classics.

Fat C 99-10
One of our largest and is often referred to as the Baseball bat. (not for the faint of heart or small handed folk)

The classic chunky C LP shape that was so predominant in the late 50’s.

Thin D 75 81
Our thinnest profile which is Wizard-like and has the popular D shape (shoulders on both sides running up and down the back of the neck, with flat transition in the middle)

57V 86-96
This is such a classic profile, and if you have ever had the pleasure of trying a neck like this, you’ll be hooked! Highly sought after, comfortable soft V that is simply legendary.

Boat V 95-95
The vintage standard medium V cut that tends to be a little on the chunkier side.

a soft V that gently tapers to a medium C. Very versatile and popular vintage profile.

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