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Updated 9/27/21 Please Note:

We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and loyalty during these unprecedented times! As you are all probably aware, the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused global shortages in labor, supplies, and materials almost everywhere, including here at Musikraft. These shortages along with a record surge of new orders have unfortunately resulted in an increase in average build times. 

 We have consolidated and streamlined many of our operations in the shop to maximize efficiency and keep build times to a minimum without sacrificing our typical high level of quality. Our current lead times are a bit longer than we’d like them to be (around 16-20 weeks), but we do hope to be reducing that number in the coming few months. We are extremely grateful for your continued support and understanding! Wishing you all continued health, happiness, and good tunes! 


2/25/21: Job Applicants click here

Updated 2/20/21 Please Note:

Great news – we have been working overtime in the shop in an effort to get caught up and reduce lead times. We are well on track and expect to see lead times being shortened in the coming weeks! We are happy to report that we have been able to reinstate some of the recent options that we had “back burnered”. These include 24-3/4″ scale lengths for most necks, binding and block inlays, 12 string necks and nut installations. Some of these options have not been added for all necks so please see each order form for specific details. In the next few months we hope to add most of the other suspended options back to our order forms.  In addition, we have added a new neck option that we have been working on for some time – 28-5/8″ scale Baritone necks! These necks can be bolted onto a regular 25-1/2″ scale body and will convert it to a Baritone scale.  As always, we thank you for your patience, understanding and continued patronage – it means everything to us! 

Updated 1/14/21–Now Hiring

We are looking to hire 3 Luthier’s Assistants for entry-level positions at our Guitar Parts Factory in Vineland NJ. Job duties would include but not limited to: Fretting/Sanding Guitar Bodies and necks. Woodworking skills are STRONGLY preferred but not necessarily required – a good attitude and willingness to work hard are also desirable. Applicants must be prepared to stand for long periods of time at a workbench, get very dusty, get along well with others, have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and a positive attitude. If you are the type that has a hard time making it to work on time or has a need to take unscheduled days off, please do not apply. We offer a friendly, family environment with plenty of room for pay increases based on skill level progression. Starting pay is very competitive and commensurate with skills and experience. Interested applicants can contact us via Email. info@musikraft.com

Job Types: Full-time

Pay: $14.00 – $16.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:

Updated 12/17/20 To our customers and friends:

At this time we would like to thank all of you for your support, understanding, and patience during what is easily one of the toughest and craziest years in our lives!  We are hoping all of you have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season, and let’s hope 2021 is much better than 2020!

In other news, we have been working overtime here for months in an effort to get caught up, but due to random state-mandated Covid closures, supply chain issues, and on top of it all – record sales, it has been a challenge! With that in mind, and in an effort to keep build times at an acceptable rate, we have decided to temporarily “back burner” some of the products, features, and options we normally offer. We do not know how long this will last, but hopefully, you can understand the rationale behind it, and that it is a necessary step to maintain a smooth and efficient flow in our shop. We have added some in-stock bodies to our menus, but full custom bodies still remain unavailable. A general rule of thumb is that if you do not see it listed on our website, then we are not currently offering it. Please see the list below for what we have currently removed from our order menus:

7 String Necks, 12 String Necks,5 String Bass Necks, Short Scale Bass Necks, Binding, Block Inlay, 59 Truss Option, Nut Installation, Graphite Rods, 24-3/4″ Conversion Scale, Richlite Fingerboards.

Please visit us on social media were we plan daily updates

Updated 8/12/20  Please note: Most of you were aware that we had encountered a delay as a result of the mandatory Covid-19 shutdowns which were pushing build times to approximately 12 weeks. Since then, we had been working double shifts and overtime to catch up and cut our lead times closer to 10 weeks.

Up until the hurricane last Tuesday 8-4-20, we had been doing really well. When the storm hit, we lost our power for a week and have just had it restored. Unfortunately, this will delay us a little more, but we are still estimating current lead times at only around 12-13 weeks – but we hope to chip away at that as well.

We will try to keep you informed with status update emails, but please do not be discouraged if you do not receive them frequently as we are concentrating all of our available efforts on the orders in the shop. Our shipping department will definitely send tracking info to you as soon as your order ships.

Please accept our apologies for the longer than usual build times and thank you for your patience during all of this unprecedented craziness of 2020!!

Stay well!

Welcome to Musikraft and thank you for visiting our website! For more than 25 years, Musikraft has been serving the music industry with high-quality guitar necks and bodies, all crafted here in our shop in New Jersey. We are licensed by Fender to produce guitar and bass replacement parts, and we work with a huge variety of clients, from large OEM companies to individual luthiers and musicians. As players ourselves, we work diligently and passionately to create that guitar neck or body that feels and sounds just right to real musicians. Our creed is a true innovation, superior quality, and optimal service at reasonable prices, with an unparalleled variety of options and features. We utilize state-of-the-art precision technology to provide beautiful, vintage old-world construction, with a natural, comfortable, and handmade feel.

 Latest News: Let the Rosewood flow again! As of November 26th, 2019 we are no longer limited regarding shipping rosewood outside the US. The paperwork became too convoluted in this regard that we did not want to deal with it anymore. Well, that has all changed now. No longer do we need to pay our staff a day’s wage to work through the mountain of paperwork required to ship outside the country. Instead, we now can channel that energy into sending what our clients want, and that being a great product that now includes rosewood!