For necks, we offer a variety of finish options, each with its own advantages:

Some of our clients prefer the neck sent to them “Raw”. This would apply to those that want to apply their own finish. Unfortunately, necks purchased without a finish are covered for only a period of 30 days from the date of delivery. If we ship a neck raw, any issues resulting from atmospheric conditions like warp and twisting are not covered. Please keep this in mind if you choose “Raw” as the finish option.

Thin Lacquer Sealer:
A very thin application of lacquer, with a semi-gloss look and feel; our preferred pre-finish treatment and sufficient to honor our warranty. The advantage of this treatment is that the neck is sealed and ready for the next process if you wish to add more coats of lacquer – whether clear or tinted. We charge $20 for the labor cost involved in the process. We do not offer this in a tinted application.

We hand rub 2 coats of our own special blend of oils and buff to a satin finish. This makes for a smooth and fast neck. Depending on the amount of use the neck gets it will require future applications.  We now offer this in a tinted application (Amber Tinted Oil).

Aged Oil:
We hand rub 1 coat of a special blend of oils that darkens the wood, giving it an aged look. We then hand rub 2 coats of clear oil over that, ensuring that the neck has an aged satin look and feel. Looks the best on Birdseye Maple, but not so much on Regular Maple.

Outside Options for Full Lacquer Finishes:
As the shop has been getting busier and busier, we have decided to focus more on our core business of building custom necks and bodies. Although we offer thin lacquer sealer and oil finishes, many of you may already be aware that we have discontinued full lacquer finishing services on necks and bodies some time ago. We receive many requests daily for these services and would like to provide the contact information for a someone that offers excellent neck and body finishing options.

The contact is Brian who used to operate Orion Guitar Finishing. We have worked with him in the past for such services. You can contact them here:  |  Cell 856-889-7912

Please note that if you decide to use them for your finishing needs, “We will not ship to him or have them pick anything up directly from us”. “You must take delivery of your item from us first” and then you would be responsible for shipping to the finisher.  All phone calls, emails, questions and concerns about finishing must be directed to your finisher – once they are shipped to you and you receive them. We are not responsible for them after that point.

This way we can ship items as per usual – very efficiently without the need to spend valuable time on answering questions emails and phone calls about finishing or order status updates which will allow us to focus on our main business and keep build times at a reasonable length. All questions about outside finishing services should be directed to the number above. They are a small shop and may not be able to get back to you right away, so please be patient.