Order Change Status Information

Processing: Hello and Thank you for the order. This is the first of 4 email notifications you will receive after placing your order. This stage is where the action begins. While in “Processing,” we are applying payment to your order and all other necessary paperwork before handing it to the “Wood Selection Department. The next Email you will receive lets you know that we have handed off the order to the shop “Wood Selection Department”.

Wood Selection: In the Wood Selection Department is where we select and process the type of wood you chose on the order form. This process includes basic machining and is based on the criteria and specifications called for on the shop order. This stage usually takes only a few days to a week. Once complete, the order is handed off to the main Production Shop.

General Production: This stage encompasses all of the remaining processes needed to build the neck, including, but not limited to CNC Milling, Truss Rod, Fret & Inlay Installation, Shaping and Sanding, Finishing, and Nut/Hardware installation (if applicable).

We will no longer be providing updates at each station in the shop as this was causing delays and consuming too much labor. Condensing this process has allowed our productivity to increase, resulting in a much faster turnaround for orders.

Please note that build times can fluctuate. Current lead times are posted on the front page of our website. Please Do Not Contact us for order updates unless your order has surpassed the estimated build time. We will notify you of tracking information when your order ships out.

Your Order Has Shipped:  Login to your account to view tracking information.