Order Change Status Information

Below are the various stages of a typical Musikraft order. Please note, the time spent at these stages are “General” in nature and should not be taken as exact time periods. We do our best to deliver orders in the time frame specified. As of October 2021, anticipated lead time is 16-20 weeks. How your order fits within these “Order Status” stages can vary wildly, however, in the end, we make every attempt to deliver in the overall time frame specified. Please do not email us with questions related to the items below unless we are past the 18 week mark. Thank you!

From Processing to:

In Wood Selection Department:  This department is where we select the wood for your project. Basic dimensioning is accomplished at this stage, and once complete, it goes to our CNC Department. Depending on the availability of the wood species and workload, your order can be in this stage anywhere from 1-30 working days.

In CNC Department:  This is where the action begins! Most of the shaping of your neck or body is accomplished at this stage. We have also streamlined and combined many of our operations in the shop so a large bulk of the work done on each order is now being done at this station – even if it is not actually on the CNC machine. Your order can be in this department anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks. After this, it’s on to the fret department.

In Fret Department:  At this stage is where we really start dialing it in. Inlay installation, fret installation fret dressing, etc. is done at the station. Your order can be in this department anywhere from 1 to 10 working days. Once accomplished it’s on to the sanding department.

In Sanding Department:  Once in this stage, we are in the final stages of completing the order. Final shaping, finishing sanding, drilling of holes, etc are done here. your order can be in this department anywhere from 1-20 days. Once complete it’s on to the Finishing department.

In Final Stages:  Orders here are here for final preparation before heading to the Shipping Department, ie: Nut installation, tuner hole install, mounting hole drilling, etc.

Partially Completed: If you place an order with multiple items, you will only get updates of the building process for the first item. After the first item is complete, you will get an update of “Partially Complete.”  The next update is after the whole order is complete and ready for shipment.

Your Order Has Shipped:  Login to your account to view tracking information.

Simply adding up the maximum time estimated in each of these departments should not be cause for alarm regarding how long the build process will be. In 95% of the cases, your order will be complete in the given estimate at the top of this page. Thank you very much for your patience.

Jim Jamerson