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Additional Services

Updated 6/10/2022

Great news! We are happy to report that after many months of working extra hours, we have been able to finally reduce the previously longer lead times! Our current build times for new orders are approximately 8-10 weeks for most orders. We are also working on a new section of our website that will offer Semi-Custom necks. These neck shafts will be partially completed and you can customize them by choosing back profiles, fingerboard radius, fret size and type, inlay type, finishes and a few other options. The neck shaft you select will be the neck you recieve, so this way you can see the wood before you purchase the neck!  Stay tuned for details and please contact us with any questions at info@musikraft.com

The Musikraft Team

Welcome to Musikraft and thank you for visiting our website! For more than 25 years, Musikraft has been serving the music industry with high-quality guitar necks and bodies, all crafted here in our shop in New Jersey. We are licensed by Fender to produce guitar and bass replacement parts, and we work with a huge variety of clients, from large OEM companies to individual luthiers and musicians. As players ourselves, we work diligently and passionately to create that special guitar neck that feels and sounds just right to real musicians. Our creed is a true innovation, superior quality, and optimal service at reasonable prices, with an unparalleled variety of options and features. We utilize state-of-the-art precision technology to provide beautiful, vintage old-world construction, with a natural, comfortable handmade feel.

 Latest News: Let the Rosewood flow again! We are no longer restricted regarding shipping Rosewood outside the United States.  CITES has lifted restrictions on international shipping of small amounts of Rosewood for the Music Industry Trade, so no more Permits or Licensing required for us to export Rosewood. Of course Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) is still not able to be exported or imported.