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Welcome to the Musikraft Outlet Store.

Please note that the discounted prices listed in this section are final, and under no circumstances will the items be eligible for any further discounts using Dealer or Promo Codes.

Here you will find a wide variety of our necks and bodies at discounted prices. The parts listed in this section were made specifically for our Outlet Store. All of them have been crafted here in our shop, by our own hands, and we guarantee they will prove to be top quality.

Unless otherwise stated, the photo you see in the listing is the actual item offered for sale. Items can be shipped as soon as the purchase process is completed via our website.

We are able to add our own lacquer sealer, a nut and/or oil finish to any of these items. However, please note that we are currently unable to modify the items in any other way.

The nature of these items is such that our stock will vary greatly. Each item is unique, which does of course mean that when the item is gone, it’s gone. And this is why we suggest moving swiftly to make a purchase on any item that may appeal to your preferences!

Please remember that our website also offers a custom order section. If you see an out-of-stock item that fits your needs or desires, simply place an order via our custom order pages and we will craft you an item of similar nature.

We wish you happy hunting and we truly hope that you find something to fit your taste!


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