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MKW 2 PC Constructed Neck
MKW 2 PC Constructed Neck

Sale price: $195.00

This order form is for a neck constructed from a neck shaft which features an attached fingerboard (2-piece neck).

We are pleased to now offer a replacement option for players with "Wolf" or Charvel style wheel truss rod necks. These necks are all 25-1/2" scale with convenient wheel truss rod at the heel and are designed to work specifically with Wolfgang or wheel truss rod Charvel bodies. We are offering a wide array of wood choices and different specs than the stock guitars offer - opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Please note that these necks will only fit bodies that are setup for the wheel truss rod that is built into the neck and will not fit Ernie Ball style or standard Fender style configurations due to the longer length of the neck which requires compensated placement of the bridge. We offer both the Wolfgang and the Charvel mounting hole configurations so please be sure to specify your preference on the order form.

If you have any further questions regarding our order forms or the specifications listed within them, we invite you to click on our LEARN MORE link.

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