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CNC For Sale
CNC For Sale

Sale price: $18,000.00

For Sale LIMTECH PEGASUS Series CNC 4 X 4 (48” X 48”)


First a brief Back Story:

We have been in business for 25 years manufacturing guitar parts. Early on we were of the mind set of being able to manufacture guitar parts (Electric Guitar Necks and Bodies) in production runs containing multiple items cut at the same time. We decided at that time to build our company around wood working CNC machines. We started with basic Panel cutting CNC’s (5X10 and 4X8) and adapted them to suite our needs. As the years went by we realized that the size of the machines was overkill for what we were doing and needed to scale back the machine size to a more manageable size. We searched for quite some time and couldn’t find a manufacture that would custom build us a 4’ X 4’ panel CNC. We had almost given up after a couple years of looking until we were introduced to a company called LIMTECH. To our surprise they were willing to build us a machine to our specs in a 4 X 4 configuration with an 8-tool changer carousel, secondary spindle head with 9 independent drills, 2 horizonal and two blade attachment. After buying one we liked it so much that we bought a second. Finally, a home run for us!

These machines are amazing and continue to serve us very well. However, we are changing our production and marketing to a “one off” configuration that requires a smaller machine area even still. That’s why we are going with Machinist CNC’s now and selling our wood working machines. This Machine is a beast, well maintained, functions perfectly and is only 3.5 years old.

The photos show the original quote and a more detailed specification. If you are in the market for a machine that that will make custom parts/panels etc. and only need a 4 X 4 foot print, this is the one!

Buyer responsible for Rigging and machine removal/Shipping

Please contact us with any questions.


Jim Jamerson

Musikraft LLC


P. S we have 2 of these if the mood should strike.