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Special Hand Selected Light Weight Ash Body Blanks
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Over the years we have received countless requests for special hand selected wood for our light weight ash strat and tele bodies.

As this wood becomes harder and harder to find, we decided to invest in several large shipments of Ash that has been pre-sorted at the mill for weight and other characteristics. After receiving this wood, we have processed it and separated it further while evaluating each individual body blank we have here in our shop.

We have broken them down by 3 different important criteria: Weight, number of pieces for construction and clarity of grain.

For those of you interested in having a body made from this very special wood, please select from the wood choices we have listed on our additional services page under "hand selected body blanks" and add it to your cart. Pricing is listed on that order form and we are sure that you will find a large selection of option combinations to your liking. As highly sought after as it is, we expect this wood to sell quickly so if you have been waiting for nice light weight swamp ash, NOW is the time!


Some explanation is in order here to help guide you in making your selections.


Clarity:  "Paint Grade" wood is wood that may have grain streaks, marks lines or inclusions and is therefore better suited to a solid color of paint while "Clear Grade" is virtually free from marks, dark grain lines, streaks and major discolorations.


Number of Pieces for Construction: This is the number of pieces that were used to build the body. Our options range from solid 1 piece up to 4 pieces. We attempt to match the gain as nicely as possible - especially for clear grade body blanks.


Weight: The standard body weight for Ash for strat style bodies is usually around 4-1/2 lbs and 5-1/2 for Teles. We have weighed each body blank and forecasted a final weight range that it will fall into once it is cut and sanded.


Obviously the rarer more desirable options will command larger premiums.  Our hope is that this will allow some choice for our customers so that they can custom tailor their body order to their individual needs.


This menu is for the Up-Charge only and does not include the Base price of the Body.