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Build a Franky Body
Build a Franky Body

Sale price: $175.00
This body is being offered in response to our many customers who wanted THE right body to build their own "Franky" replica.  We started off with a rare vintage Charvel body that was built in Wayne's Azusa shop back in the early 70's right along side the body that eventually became the Franky!  It comes stock as heavy Northern Ash body routed for a Floyd rose tremolo and with custom modified strat pickup routing and the same familiar contours and shape as the original.  Also comes complete with all the little details that make it just right including two-tiered ghost routes, perfect cutaways and contours, truss rod notch in neck pocket and extra sliver of wood on low E side of neck pocket - just like the original had!  This body matches up perfectly with any of our strat style necks-especially our Franky style strat neck, our classic Beak neck and our banana necks!
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