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Neck Roasting Option
Neck Roasting Option

Sale price: $100.00


We are proud to offer an unique and exceptional wood choice for your project. Our roasted maple necks undergo a special kiln drying process which involves heating the wood to over 300 degrees in a special kiln, removing the moisture from the wood. This process vulcanizes the wood, making it stronger yet lighter in weight. The big advantage is that after this process, the wood becomes much less susceptible to moisture and climate changes, resulting in a more stable and predictable piece of wood. This is great for necks, especially, and will minimize need for adjustments between seasons and different weather conditions. An extra bonus from this process is that, while stabilizing figured maple, which is typically not so stable, it also greatly enhances the color and figuring in the wood. The finished product usually looks stunning, has improved tone and increased sustain!


Note: We no longer offer color variations in the roasting process. The color varies from one piece of wood to the next. It’s our estimation that the color will be somewhere between light and medium and is subjective. This treatment does not replace the neck finish, at a minimum we recommend at least our $20 thin lacquer sealer finish option.

This menu is for the Up-Charge only and does not include the price of the neck.