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Semi Finished Necks

While we continue to chip away at our lead time to build custom replacement necks (Currently eight weeks), down from the Covid high of 16-20 weeks, we are still looking at ways to speed up that process. The extended lead time downplayed the excitement of having a custom-made replacement neck made to your exact specifications. To deliver your dream neck to you faster, we are toying with the idea of manufacturing necks up to a certain point that allows you to add the remaining feature specs.

The way it would work is to get much of the upfront CNC work out of the way in advance, snap a photo or two, and list it for sale on our site. You would select the neck, choose the remaining features and get your neck delivered much faster. You will see the neck before adding the remaining specs.  We envision shipping our premade neck stock in 5-10 working days, depending on our current shop load.

Example: Most of the CNC work is done, Neck type, Nut and Heel width, Fingerboard Radius, and Tuner Holes. The remaining features you would choose, Inlay, Fret type, Back Profile, and Finish. Of course, you would be limited to the specs already there, such as the nut and heel width, truss rod, and fingerboard radius. In our experience, the most important specs are the ones you choose. Look for a few examples of this in the coming week.

We are tossing this idea out to our Facebook community to get feedback. Based on that public and private feedback, we may choose to offer some necks in this format. Thank you!
Jim Jamerson